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Laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine

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型号 HL-176 规格 dg15
材质 适用类型 通用
功能类别 ****** 公称压力 0.6(Mpa)
工作温度 0-100(℃) 安装型式 嵌入式
品牌 纯清 阀座直径 1/2(mm)



[product introduction]

1: Refined copper body: the main body of the faucet is made of high-quality refined copper ingot, adopting the internationally advanced gravity casting process and being processed and manufactured by precision machinery. The * * * * valve core is made of precision imported ceramic valve core with diamond like hardness.

2: The ceramic valve core is of high quality, comfortable and light, and can be operated smoothly and labor-saving after more than 500000 times of switching. It is durable and watertight. No maintenance, no wear and aging resistance. It is suitable for hard water and is not affected by gravel or sand.

3: Electroplating: advanced electroplating process is adopted. After multiple plating of acid copper, nickel and chromium, the electrodeposited layer is well combined, with fine adhesion, uniform color and corrosion resistance * *, ensuring that the product surface is bright and new. Lead standard: meet the national lead standard, no harm to human health, and protect you and your family from using products without harmful metal elements