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Laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine

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Characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine
Date:2022-08-16 Publisher:

Low maintenance costs

One of the biggest advantages of using fiber laser cutting machine is that the maintenance cost is extremely low, which is very advantageous for companies that already have multiple machines. Spend less time on maintenance, you can spend more time on cutting products.

Avoid frequent maintenance calls and expensive maintenance costs, and buy less expensive accessories to ensure the normal operation of the machine. As time goes by, you will find that the expenses are greatly saved. For business owners, this is another reason for choosing laser cutting machines.

Very efficient

Another advantage of choosing fiber laser cutting machine is its high efficiency. In many fields of cutting process, laser cutting machine is the most efficient in the modern market - higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, more efficient beam transmission, better finished products and less energy waste.

Small floor area

The fiber laser has a very compact structure, so it occupies a relatively small area, which makes the fiber laser cutting machine very suitable for installation in a factory or workshop environment with limited space. They are as efficient and productive as large machines for cutting and stamping, but take up much less space and are easier to install and set up. Many manufacturers using fiber laser cutting machines describe their installation as "plug and play" and they are the best choice for companies that are just starting or looking for rapid productivity improvements.


There is a misconception that the functions and applications of laser cutting machines are limited to the field of heavy manufacturing, but this is not the case. Although these machines are indeed widely used in the field of heavy manufacturing, they are also excellent supplements to many other industries. For example, jewelry manufacturing and design, textile manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing and so on.

The versatility of the fiber laser cutting machine is really shocking. Almost anything used or seen in the work can be made with the fiber laser cutting machine if it needs to be cut or stamped in the manufacturing process.