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Laser industry chain and national concentration belt distribution
Date:2022-08-16 Publisher:

The upper reaches of the industry are mainly laser materials and supporting components.

It mainly includes: laser crystal, laser gas, laser lamp, laser power supply, laser processing coating, laser components, laser supporting software, etc.

The middle reaches of the industry are mainly various lasers and their supporting equipment.

It mainly includes: solid-state lasers, semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, gas lasers, liquid lasers, other lasers, laser diodes, numerical control equipment, computers, equipment and packaging, electromechanical products, instruments and meters, laser modules, etc.

The downstream of the industry is closest to life, mainly including laser application products, consumer products, instruments and equipment.

It mainly includes: laser processing, optical communication, optical storage, laser medical treatment, laser marking, laser Phototypesetting and printing, laser measurement, laser display and laser weapons. The number of enterprises located in the downstream of the industry is the largest.

China's laser industry is concentrated in four regions. Wuhan Optical Valley is a large-scale optoelectronic industry cluster center in China. It has gathered more than 200 well-known laser enterprises in China. It has a complete laser industry chain and a large number of domestic experts and technical personnel in the field of laser. Wuhan Optical Valley has a professional and large-scale national base of production, learning and research, and occupies a leading position in laser related technology in China.

The Pearl River Delta region is another major gathering center of China's laser industry. Relevant industries are mainly distributed in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Foshan. The focus of the Pearl River Delta laser industry cluster is in Shenzhen. Shenzhen has many well-known enterprises in the industry, involving a wide range of laser applications. In terms of market-oriented operation, Shenzhen has an unparalleled advantage in Central China. In 2014, the output value of Shenzhen's laser industry exceeded that of Wuhan, becoming the first city in the output value of laser industry. The export value of laser industry in the Pearl River Delta region accounted for more than 30% of the national laser product export.

The Yangtze River Delta region is one of the main gathering areas of China's laser industry. The laser industry chain has been improved. The laser industry in the Yangtze River Delta is mainly distributed in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo and other places, with many manufacturers of laser components, lasers and laser application equipment.

Bohai Rim region is another important laser industry area formed after central China and Pearl River Delta. The laser industry technology R & D strength in the Bohai Rim region is strong. The market represented by Beijing has gathered a large number of it and communication related enterprises, and the demand for laser products is strong. The vigorous market demand has driven the development of the laser industry in this region. In general, the laser enterprises in the Bohai Rim region are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian and other cities.